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Drag and drop shops are here to help GMs out when the party inevitably asks if there’s anything interesting around. These will take the stress out of having to come up with somewhere on the fly and hopefully give your party a store that they will want to revisit time and time again. With NPCs, themed Magic Items, a Shop Map and more, never dread a spontaneous shopping trip ever again! 

The Cakeish Corner is the wonderfully chaotic bakery of Proprietor Willow Stumblefoot. All baked goods all come with a little dash of magic, whether you want them to or not. Really it's a perfect place for any adventurer to spend their dough at!

Now includes a Free Halloween Expansion!

Inside you can find : 

  • Shop Descriptions and Map. 
  • 3 Fleshed out NPCs, with Descriptions and Stat Blocks 
  • 27 Bakery themed Magic Items. 
  • A Roll Table for Revisits.
  • A Guide for Buying and Selling.

In this download you will get:

  •  A 16-Page Full Colour PDF
  • A Shop Map in Full Colour
  • A 28-Page Printer Friendly PDF
  • A Printer Friendly Shop Map
  • A PDF for players both in Full Colour and Printer Friendly

Each PDF features bookmarks and the ability to highlight and copy text, to make discovery as simple as possible.

Remember if you enjoyed it let me know, I love hearing about what occurs in these magic shops!

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Buy Now£3.99 GBP or more

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This looks awesome!
Have you considered adding a stat block for Kieran? (in case they are pulled into combat by player antics before they can leave on the D6 event)


Thank you, and I hadn’t but that is a great idea. Especially as they will likely get a tea shop pf their own on the future! 

This is a really cute little campaign drop in and inventive enough to build around and expand on - the food magical items are so darling and definitely add some memorable and cute for players. I can't wait to use it! 

Thank you, that is such a lovely thing to say, if you do use it let me know how it goes! Likewise, if you find things that would be useful missing! Also if you have and the time and are able to give this product a rating it would help so much! 

The Homebakery's Cakeish Corner is a cute little supplement shop that you can use to add a bit of flair to a campaign. It's basically a shop with lots of consumable (ha!) magic item baked goods for your campaign.

The shop itself is a great opportunity for your players to engage in a bit of RP, and includes notes on how to RP the shopkeep and a d6 table of random shop events. There's also a floorplan of the shop, and statblocks for the shop's proprietor and pets (but if you fight them, you're a monster.)

There's a variety of 25 different magical baked goods. My favorites were the Roc Cake and the Falling Angel Cake! 

Shops like these can be really useful to have on hand for when your players go shopping unexpectedly. 

Thank you for the kind comments, this was a very thoughtful look at the supplement. If you  have the time and are able to if you could leave a rating that would help immensely!