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Pride is about being out and proud, and while sometimes that is hard to do in day to day life I thought it would be fun to incorporate my experiences as a queer person into one of my favourite ttrpgs. This supplement contains 12 subclasses, 1 for each core class, that each has a different take on parts of the community.

My goal was not to draw upon specific identities for the subclasses, but more on aspects of the community that I have seen and admire. For example, the Voyager subclasses theme is on the surface a seafaring ranger, but it is also a subclass about finding your family in a place you've been warned off of. As I wanted these classes to both to be playable in an ordinary 5e campaign, but have a deeper meaning.

In supporting this work you will both be supporting me as a queer creator and supporting the UK charity Mermaids, a charity for trans youth. During the entire month of June, I will be donating 100% of the money (including tips) made by this project to Mermaids, after which 50% of the money will still go to this charity.

During June if you would like to support me but also do not want to wait to buy this work, you can make a donation to my Kofi in addition to buying it here or purchase one of my other titles. Additionally, you can support me for free by sharing this work and others on twitter, tumblr, insta etc.

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These Pride Classes are brilliantly put together. I found myself relating to more than one, from the Shadow rogue’s need to stay hidden to stay safe to finding my own path to self-discovery reflected in the Lunar Hunt Warlock. Somehow better than that: these classes were constructed with care and dedication to the intersection of the queer community and the DnD community, and each one of these subclasses should fit neatly into any campaign. I can't wait to try them out!


The content here is great, though it's a bit of an inconvenience that all of the text is images, so I can't highlight it for text to speech or copying into my notes. I hope that can change for future releases!

Deleted 1 year ago

This should be fixed now! Let me know if it's not and thank you for pointing it out <3


Ooh, it does! The OCR version works beautifully - thank you!