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Drag and drop shops are here to help GMs out when the party inevitably asks if there’s anything interesting around. These will take the stress out of having to come up with somewhere on the fly and hopefully give your party a store that they will want to revisit time and time again. With NPCs, unique magic items, a shop map and more, never dread a spontaneous shopping trip ever again! 

The Rootless Boutique is a travelling shop run by the mysterious Magwitch, a fey creature of unknown ability and an interest in the material plane.

Inside you can find : 

  • Quick and Easy Descriptions
  • A Fleshed out Fey Merchant with Lore, Role Playing Tips and Stat Block and Token
  • 20 Magic Stock and Prices
  • Selling, Buying and Deal Making Rules
  • Revisit Roll Table
  • A Separate Document for Players to help speed up their decisions, with Curses hidden!

In this download you will get:

  •  A 15-Page Full Colour PDF
  • A Magwitch Token
  • A 27-Page Printer Friendly PDF
  • A PDF for players both in Full Colour and Printer Friendly

Each PDF features bookmarks and the ability to highlight and copy text, to make discovery as simple as possible.

Remember if you enjoyed it let me know, I love hearing about what occurs in these magic shops!

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Buy Now£3.99 GBP or more

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This drag-and-drop magic item shop has everything a DM needs to plug it into pretty much any setting. I was super impressed with all the options as well as the guidance it offered to DMs, making this an EASY tool for a memorable magic item shop in 5e. Plus the shopowner is super hot. Soooo